Creative Portfolio


Dear Mom (Short & PSA) Writer of an award-winning film for Camp Kesem and Women in Film, Los Angeles.

Loyalty (Feature Doc) Writer and director about the life and music of Peter DiStefano of the band Porno for Pyros.

It (Short) A woman goes to her doctor in order to get her virginity back.

The Christmas tree (Short) When the only Muslim girl in the fifth grade brings home her class Christmas tree, she sparks a battle with her orthodox father.

Music Videos

Writer and director of several songs from Peter DiStefano’s album Loyalty.


Strong People Writer for Wise and Healthy Aging and the City of Santa Monica and Women in Film, Los Angeles.


Eternal Spring – When an Emperor’s beloved is forced into a marriage with his nemesis while he is away at war, he must risk losing his Empire to get her back.

Maryam – When a Pakistani girl is sold to a Chinese laborer and disappears in China, a journalist and a smuggler must embark on a perilous journey to bring her home.

A Slip in Time – When a woman falls back in time, she must relive her high school sagas to change her bleak future.

Chocolate & Stilettos – When a woman’s perfectly orchestrated life in NYC falls apart, she must return to Kansas to start over again.

The Border – When a lingerie designer disappears in a hang-gliding accident, his devoted seamstresses and prostitutes must confront their scary bosses to get him back in time for Fashion Week.


Bullseye – When the End of Days is fast approaching, the gods must find a way to reverse the hourglass of time or face total annihilation.

D’Arranged – When a twice-divorced Pakistani-American woman learns the going rate for a US citizen bride is one million dollars, she marries a Pakistani physician desperate for a green card in order to buy her home back.

Family Inc. – When a wealthy family loses everything, they realize the only way to make a comeback is to stick together.

All of Us – When a liberal boy marries a conservative Southern Belle, their completely opposite families must set aside their differences to get along.

Kazzak! – When a boy blows a hole into the wall of a volcano, he discovers his genie twin and together they must find a way out before they are consumed by a wall of lava.

*In addition, I have been a consultant and writer for hire on numerous film and television projects.